“Personally, I was finding a lot of roadblocks and everything was really muddied and loud in my world. I was looking to clear those roadblocks, get a sense of peace and journey forward and see what life had.

Having worked with Mari one on one, she provided such grounding for me, and I have such a deep level of trust for her. I can be completely myself, and I'm able to just let go of my stuff and really allow Mari into my world.

Mari was this grounding rod. I love being in her presence. She supported me on the journey while allowing me to tap into who I am to trust my process.

I was surprised how much I liked being a group, because I’m such an introvert.

The group format showed me how much I had in common with everybody. It was cool to see everybody else on their entrepreneurial self exploration journey.

As a result of the program, I was able to tap into joy, calm and peace knowing that I was going to pivot or career move and that I could trust that matter what it was okay and that I was strong and competent.”

Natalie Brown, Real Estate Advisor

“I really appreciated the space where I shared my own experience through this journey but also heard the experiences of others. We're on a similar exploration.

The comfort I felt coming to this space, all the other people that were in virtual space with me I hadn't known prior the program and Mari is a very big piece of that because anytime I come into a space with her I feel lighter energy, a release.

When I started working with Mari I was in the process of stepping into who I truly am and letting go of a lot of the conditioning I had tried to meet my whole life. Working with Mari, I was able to let go of a lot of what wasn't serving me or the people around me.

I wasn't really getting anywhere and I knew I could and as we continued to work together, I had more and more breakthroughs that have helped me understand my needs better and by knowing my needs, I start to understand my truth, and it just feels good.

We've been doing the group program now and I've had very big changes physically in my life where I settled into my own apartment and I have a new job. That just kind of just kind of came to me. I didn't seek them out, and I felt that was a huge transition. I've been very focused on setting up the structure of my life these past couple of months, and then letting things come to me more.

If you're coming into the space Cultivate | your inner wisdom, you have to be willing to do the work, knowing that you'll have a support system but like that support system is also there to hold you accountable. Anyone who is coming to work with Mari has most likely given it much thought and is ready to do the work, and trust the process of it. Because there's a lot of unexpected turns and it's a really special place.

I think it's like some of the most important work that people could be doing right now and it's worth it.”

Stephanie Pieper, Designer & ArtiST

“The energy healing experience was transformative in my day-to-day life. It helped me to recenter and refocus. During our sessions, I’d feel a cleansing come over me and when I went back to work, I felt a replenished and clear and no longer spiraling feeling.⁣

Mari digs in and gets to know who you are as a person and she listens from a holistic approach and is able to spot on tell you what you need. She gave me action items to implement in my life that totally transformed my mindset and how I approach things.⁣

I’ve been able to use my creative skills in my job now and connecting with my ancestors which is something I haven’t done before. I feel more connected to the support that is around me than ever before, and when everything is in alignment it just feels peaceful.⁣

This program has been the best decision that I’ve ever made. Digging deeper into what I want and having action to get there with little steps. I wouldn’t have gotten there on my own.⁣

Anyone really serious about a change, feeling stuck or down, needs to do this program.”

Ashley Brown, Sr. Executive Assistant

When the first opportunity came up to work with Mari it was just that gut feeling, I knew that was the next step that I needed to take. We've been working on refining that voice that has always been inside me. Refining my ear, feelings, reactions and trusting that more.

Having been in the military for 11 years, the biggest aha in working with Mari was realizing that I’m a creator soul type and that's when I'm in my flow state and happiness and when I'm not creating I start to feel out of whack.

I found that I was heavily weighted in the grind, the action, the achieving, the acquiring material things. I was getting impatient, wanting all of it right now. I was missing this whole opportunity to be present to be grateful about what I already had and enjoying the ride. Cultivate | your inner wisdom answered that need for me to be present. It reminded me that there isn't a destination, that it's all about the journey and if I keep focusing on the destination I’ll miss a lot of the awesomeness that's happening right now.

In the group program I realized that I was not alone in a lot of the struggles and frustrations, in what I’m working on with growing my spirituality. There's a lot to be gained from a group effort, you get results much faster.

The word that I've used most frequently to describe how I feel as a result of the program is peace. There's a relief and I feel so much more in control. I feel settled, more joyful, and happier. I have tools that I use and those are all things that remind me of all that I'm working on. Mari helped maintain that balance so that pieces came through, keeping in balance and releasing the grind. I feel much more in the moment.

If you’re thinking about working with Mari she's your guide. She’s great at helping you find your unique spiritual path.

Lauren Cosgrave, Founder of The Action Taker Method

“I was at a crossroads with my career and wanting to make a very big change. It was stable yet draining and I needed support and some spiritual uplift.⁣⁣

I got the confirmation and I was able to work through any reservations.
Mari was such a catalyst for growth and shifts happened so quickly and effortlessly. I was amazed as career opportunities opened up space all in the direction that I wanted to go. ⁣

The biggest surprise for me was how much I enjoyed the group. Mari brought everyone together so quickly it felt very intimate and supportive. She is grounding and was able to achieve synergy with the group bringing out everyone’s best, championing the group, unlocking even more expansion.⁣

For anyone skeptical or uncertain about this kind of spiritual work to your guidance, I would say that it amplifies what’s already there. Mari has an amazing listing ear and highly perceptive uplifting spiritual energy which is comforting fulfilling and uplifting."⁣

Stephanie Lundeen, Writer & Editor

“I’ve walked away with more clarity and commitment to my life’s purpose than any other coaching that I’ve ever received.”

“The feelings that I have after a session with her, are feelings of hope, joy, fulfillment, and optimism. I connect with a part of me that I didn't even know existed. She's able to tap into areas of my life that I can't see, or I'm blinded to because I'm so wrapped up in the busyness of being a mom, and doing a corporate job, as well as being a business owner.

Mari has a way of helping you clear the fog of all of them, and really focus on you. What drives you. What is at your core that's going to help you be successful in all other aspects of life. My success and progress has been so closely tied to our work together – It allowed me to unlock the hidden light and potential that I didn’t even know was possible. Lauren Cosgrave, Founder of The Action Taker Method (note she’s also been in my Cultivate | your inner wisdom program)

As a result of working with Mari, and me listening to my heart and projecting what I wanted from the universe, not only was I contacted for a plethora of job opportunities, but I was also considered for positions that were more senior level than what I had originally applied for.
This not only showed me the value that I can bring to a company, but to not second guess my capabilities.

I have also learned to follow my passions. Since working with Mari, I have researched and followed my passions in finding what truly makes me happy and that is real estate investing.
I have taken the steps to learn how to go about fixing and flipping houses which is something I have long wanted to do. From this I learned that when you follow your passions, everything else will fall into place.”

Michael Watkin s

“Mari’s unique way of being able to give intangible insights and perspective, while providing tangible direction and advice has brought me so much value.”

“I have strengthened my own ability to care for myself and trust in my own instincts through my few conversations with her. Her voice, ideas and energy are things I take with me in my everyday life, guiding my confidence and providing me strength and encouragement. I can honestly say, since my first conversation with Mari, she has enriched my life and is someone I find myself constantly being drawn back to, to share in successes, seek guidance and advice in tribulations and as a positive and grounding source of energy.”

Sam Deeprose. General Manager of a Luxury Restaurant

“Working with Mari has allowed me to give myself a framework on how to organize my life better to achieve my goals and live my purpose.”

“Working with Mari allowed me to slow down and really listen to my intuition, which I had been ignoring for the last year. I made the ultimate commitment to quit my soul-sucking nonprofit job that I was clinging onto due to scarcity and step into the work I was called to do; start becoming a coach/consultant and transition into a full-time therapy work for LGBTQIA folks and folks of color; communities that are personally near and dear to my heart, and unfortunately was not getting enough of at my last job.

In working with Mari, I was able to slow down and plan out how I wanted the next year of my life and career to look. She helped me to prioritize my needs, desires, and poked through the perceived barriers and issues with self-doubt I was having about stepping out on my own in my field. I was at a job with great benefits, but no longer was equating that stability to my happiness long-term. I've engaged with other coaches that have given me empowerment leadership tools which were helpful in my journey through the last year, but Mari asked more questions during our sessions that really made sure each decision I made about my life aligned with my intuition, and that I wasn't feeling that deep sigh feeling I get when I make decisions that do not align with my intuition, and end up unhappy and drained as a result.

I would highly recommend Mari as a coach to transcend the roadblocks, whether real or perceived, that are no longer serving you and your highest purpose. I recommend her if you are struggling with how to stay in tune with your intuition in your life and career goals. Her approach is the perfect magical blend of spiritual and practical that added more grounding I didn't realize I needed in this time of my life.”

Michelle Jaquish, Therapist





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