The podcast that empowers you to live your passions now, encourages you to be uniquely you, and trust your intuition.

The catalyst for getting out of the sidelines of your life.

"I love this podcast! Mari provides so much value and makes me look at my life differently I can’t wait to hear more!!”

— Jillian_grover

Life Activated Podcast

Is the supportive space that empowers you to live your passions NOW. I'm here to encourage you to be uniquely you, while learning how to deeply trust your intuition. You’ll hear from guests, just like you, who have figured out how to bring their passions to life, while designing their lives around what lights them up.

Together, we'll keep it real, we'll laugh - we might cry! - and there will definitely be some cursing.

Join me, Mari Roberts, Corporate Leader Gone RAD Energy Healer & Psychic Guide, for inspired conversations that explore the purpose of life through a spiritual and mystical lens.



“Mari’s voice is balm. Her stories are inspiring. Her wisdom, timeless. This is my new go-to podcast to get centered and activated!”

— Emma Tynan

Podcast Resources

Season 1 - Reflection

This season’s resource was a meditation to support you in diving deeper into reflection and your intentions.

Season 2 - Alignment

This season’s resource was created based on your request. It’s a short energy healing session to support you in your alignment.

“Mari’s soothing voice is so much more than just another podcast. This podcast is a window into what is possible when we find out purpose and align to our best selves.”

— LCosgrave





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