Mari Roberts

I’m your life purpose activator, life mentor, energy healer, and psychic guide with 15 + years of experience in corporate and nonprofit world. I help achieving women rise above the grind, find meaning and live fulfilling lives with more balance and joy with energy healing, coaching and mentorship.

When I started the journey of uncovering my gifts and cultivating my own inner wisdom, I was disconnected. I was climbing the corporate career ladder on the path that I was "supposed" to be on. Following the path of “shoulds'' led me to a job that was literally soul sucking.

I woke up one day realizing that I no longer recognized myself. I was stuck, lacked confidence, and couldn’t begin to tell you what I was passionate about let alone my purpose. The one thing I did know, is that I didn’t want to feel this way and that no one else should either. 

So, I started one step at a time, cultivating my gifts and reconnecting with my truth. I began working with my first mentor to develop my psychic gifts and became a certified coach. I knew I wanted to provide support that was not only intuitively led but practical and grounded.

My intention is to empower corporate women, who want to leave a legacy, to trust your intuition, connect to their deepest passion and to live a joy-filled life with meaning and purpose.

As your conscious consultant and empowerment coach, I guide you in the perception shift and give the spiritual guidance you need to stand in your truth as you come to fully embody the truth within and step into the life you deserve.

I blend my corporate background and knowledge with my psychic gifts to uniquely support you, providing transformational coaching that sees above and beyond the ordinary.

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