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S3 E18 | gniting the Spark Within with Lisa Maberry

May 03, 20231 min read

Everyone has a creative spark within them, but sometimes it can become dimmed or forgotten. 

We can reignite our creative spark by being mindful of where it has dimmed and allowing ourselves the space to reignite it. We can also give ourselves the space to explore our creative passions, whether that be painting, writing, or any other creative activity.

My guest today, Lisa Maberry is a mixed media artist, mother, and human resources professional living and creating in Seattle, Washington. Self-taught, painting has always been a place for her to return to in times of transition or when the demands of work and life began to cause a disconnect. As her work evolves with the seasons, she finds comfort in sweeping landscapes and the rest that comes with a smaller value range. Botanicals, vegetation, still life, and architectural landscape satisfy her curiosity in the interaction of light and shadow- while personal subject matter brings meaning and gratitude to her practice. 

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  • Finding a creative outlet

  • How to explore your creativity

  • The power of creating

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