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S4 E25 | Unleashing Your Inner Spark with Tina Caron

September 13, 20232 min read

I'm super stoked to introduce you to the amazing Tina Caron, a total rockstar luxury portrait artist hailing from the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Tina shares her artistic journey, starting from her photography roots and eventually diving headfirst into the world of painting. She's now living the dream as a full-time artist, and let me tell you, her work is absolutely mind-blowing!

We dive into some fun stuff too, like Tina's identifiers as a manifesting generator and her astrological signs. It's fascinating to see how these aspects shape her creative process and overall approach to life.

Tina Caron is an award winning professional Portrait Photographer and Mixed Media Artist located in Keller, Texas Serving the DFW metroplex and beyond for over 9 years, Tina's specialties include beauty and glamour portraits, business headshots and personal branding, and family portraiture. She is uniquely skilled in both photographic and painterly portraiture, as well as fine art works including pets and animals. Her Fine Art Commissions and Dreamweaver Portraits combine her digital skills and creativity to provide her clients with one of a kind masterpieces as unique as the individuals who commission them.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of understanding oneself and others in personal and professional relationships

  •  The concept of losing one's spark and how to reconnect with it

  • Understanding the ebb and flow of entrepreneurship

  • Living a Happier Way

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