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S4 E24 | Celebrating Yourself Through Dance with Stephanie Shushan

August 30, 20232 min read

In this episode, I'm introducing my good friend Stephanie Shushan. She’s a total rockstar in the healthcare world, but did you know she's also a dance enthusiast? 

We discuss her background in dance and how it lights up her life. We'll talk about all the different styles she's experienced and how dance is not just about moving your body, but also about expressing yourself and building a community.

We'll also touch on the whole work-life balance thing. You know, how to juggle our passions and our jobs. Plus, we'll chat about how our intuition guides us along the way.

Stephanie is a healthcare program and project manager who designs and implements creative solutions to improve healthcare systems. Her experience in behavioral health, provider training, hospital operations, telehealth and Medicaid innovation have provided opportunities to improve care delivery and access to services to those most in need. She also dedicates her time to volunteering where she has leveraged her expertise in causes including supporting non-profits and small businesses. Stephanie is passionate about creativity and exploration and incorporates this into her personal life through dancing, other artistic pursuits, personal development and travel.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The practice involved in learning to trust your intuition

  • Why dance can help you feel more aligned

  • How to balance your passions and work

  • Recognizing alignment and it indicators

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